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Shoey Sun

Shoey Sun began her dance training at the age of nine in traditional Chinese folk dance and ballet. ¬†As an up-and-coming dancer and choreographer in the industry, she has been featured as a dancer in Motivating Excellence: Season 2’s Instinct by Rhapsody James, NuDance Festival, Carnival New York, Sybarite: Love is Love, MTV New Year’s Eve: Mac Miller, among others and has been featured as a choreographer in the most recent Sirens After Dark Showcase presented by Rhapsody James. She has also performed internationally in Shanghai for the Children's Festival under the direction of Zhu Jie and Xu Li of J&L Dance Company, as well as other Chinese dance shows. She hopes to share through her movement and choreography that the "know-how is not very valuable without the know-what and, more important, know-why; and more important still, feel-why" - Tyrone Guthrie.

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